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Worker’s Compensation

Learn how we can help you receive compensation.
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  • Employers with 5 or more employees are mandated by law to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage
  • Every injured worker must immediately report the injury to the employer, and follow company procedures regarding incident report
  • Every injured worker has the right to choose his or her own physician.  You do not have to accept the “company doctors” as your chose of physician
  • Under most circumstances, the physician that your physician refers you to is in the chain of referral, and must be paid by the Workers’ Compensation Carrier
  • If the injured worker is off work under doctor’s care for five or more days, indemnity (money) benefits should be paid to the injured worker as long as he or she is off work or under the doctor’s care
  • If an injured worker has permanent and/or permanent restrictions, according to his or her physician, the injured worker may be entitled to lump sum settlement or award
  • G&W PLLC has twenty seven years of experience handling Workers’ Compensation cases for injured workers in Mississippi

Learn how we can help you receive compensation.